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ISPO Munich is back in full swing, and so is the “Outdoor Sports Valley” booth! Once again this year, benefit from OSV’s support. We assist companies of all sizes in attending and optimizing this trade show. ISPO is the rendezvous for international growth and enhancing brand recognition.

How do we support you at ISPO?

OSV consolidates your requests and enables you to enjoy negotiated rates with both ISPO and our service providers. Thanks to our agreements with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, you can access subsidies (contact us to check your eligibility) for international development of French companies. This is why we take care of invoicing for your booth.

We also contribute to the trade show’s activities: we facilitate your meetings with retailers and distributors, organize events in the communal area such as breakfasts, presentations, and evenings, etc. We provide meeting spaces for your appointments and enhance your visibility through ISPO + OSV communication.


OSV’s 2 types of support for ISPO

Support Option 1: Exhibit within the collective space of the Outdoor Sports Valley booth

We offer you:

  • A turnkey booth: purchase of a furnished booth
  • Connection with our booth designer to tailor your stand to your brand
  • Presence in the main hall dedicated to Outdoor Sports
  • Highlighting this collective space with activities and displays such as the French Outdoor Awards Freight
  • transport is available for an additional fee.
  • Rates:
    – 2.5 linear meters: €2,700 excluding tax
    – 6m²: €5,400 excluding tax
    – 9m²: €6,600 excluding tax
    (You must reserve a minimum of 16m² if booking directly with ISPO).

With this service, you only need to focus on the commercial aspect!


Support Option 2: Exhibit with an individual booth and OSV

Advantages If you wish to exhibit in a hall aligned with your strategy, you can enjoy our advantages while exhibiting independently:

  • You need to have your booth designer
  • We integrate you into the dynamic trade show activities
  • Access to all our assistance and support Inclusion in ISPO + OSV communication
  • Freight transport is available for an additional fee

In addition to the booth price, add the mandatory OSV package of €1,700 excluding tax. This package includes: ISPO communication package, OSV communication, basic electricity (excluding extras), OSV administrative fee, unlimited access to the bar (daily breakfasts and aperitifs).


The “PDI” subsidy from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

You can avail this subsidy a maximum of 3 times within the last 5 years (for the same trade show). It includes:

  • Booth costs (max 12m²)
  • Booth setup
  • Transport from company headquarters to the trade show
  • Freight transport
  • Daily allowance (amount set by the EU)
  • Translation costs (if invoiced)

For each of these actions, there are maximum amounts defined. Contact Timothé for more information.

Interested to learn more ? Contact Timothé.