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Key partners in the OSV business network

Outdoor Sports Valley's parnters are multidisciplinary experts who work to meet the needs of members throughout France.

Partners who measure up to OSV’s ambitions

Outdoor Sports Valley’s business network, with more than 460 members, also includes several dozen partners with a wide variety of expertise. Offering support to OSV staff, our partners work with member companies day-in and day-out in the dynamic industry of outdoor sports, both in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (Northern French Alps) as well as all over France.
Through their dedication, knowledge, experience, and expertise, this pool of partners also contribute to the success of the projects OSV puts in place. Professional, efficient, and effective, we are fully capable of addressing the needs of our member companies.

Financial & Institutional Partners


Networking & Promotion

Services & Resources

Business creation and development