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Do you have any worn out products under or past warranty? Would your retailers or end-customers like them repaired quickly? Have you noticed a post-production defect?

Behind this new and unique initiative in France, OSV and its member companies contributed to creating an independent multi-brand outdoor textile repair center for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the industry.

Created in 2014, the repair center understands the specificities of outdoor textiles and apparel, and has mended, repaired, and fixed to look like new your products and those of your customers.

In 2017, the Outdoor Textile Repair Center officially became GREEN WOLF to better cater to your needs and improve the services offered.

Feel free to contact Fabrice Pairot de Fontenay, director of Green Wolf, for any type of textile repair: whether zippers, seams, Velcro, snaps, holes, tears, Green Wolf can repair almost anything.

New services are also available, including washing and re-waterproofing garments, sleeping bags…

It goes without saying that sustainability and CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) are at the core of Green Wolf’s approach, with the ultimate goal of extending the life of outdoor textile products.

Follow in the footsteps of brands like Picture Organic Clothing, Patagonia, Degré 7, Colmar, Dakine… and offer your customers the possibility of sending their products to Green Wolf for repairs.

Contact: Fabrice Pairot de Fontenay | fabrice(at)green-wolf.fr | +33 (0)6 07 04 34 88
Location: Passy (France, right at the foot of the 4810-meter high Mont-Blanc)
For more information: http://www.green-wolf.fr/en/outdoor-equipment/