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Sustainability, what is at stake for the outdoor sports industry?

OSV promotes sustainability, providing your company with the key tools to embrace the circular economy, while mobilizing the industry to take action to preserve the great outdoors.

How can you commit to the circular economy?

Today, the circular economy represents the only real economic model capable of addressing the key problems we face to save our planet. By applying the new tools available, the outdoor sports industry has the credibility to leading the way in setting up a sustainable business model that works in companies large and small.
With this in mind, Outdoor Sports Valley provides support to member companies by offering tangible solutions to their key issues in the area of sustainability.

the means in place

  • 01.

    Access to a database of European textile manufacturers. The goal is to make it easier for member companies to manufacture their products in Europe. Every year, OSV focuses on a different apparel segment and expertise.

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    Working groups with brands in the industry to find alternative solutions to single-use plastics, polybags, recycling polyester garments… We also tackle issues raised by our members.

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    Support for Green Wolf, the outdoor textile repair center that OSV helped to create in 2015, and which operates independently today. The repair center allows you to provide great customer service for technical products (repairs are made within 10 days). It can also handle limited production runs, prototypes, or touch up a defect for a production series.

    Green Wolf, the repair center.

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    Access to a monthly “Innovation & Sustainability” newsletter and to two “Morning Sustainability Seminars” to stay informed and learn.

No nature. No future.

Since we love nature so much, we need to take care of it! Join ACT for the Outdoors.

ACT for the Outdoors, the outdoor industry takes action to preserve the environment

ACT for the Outdoors brings companies and citizens together to take action to preserve natural spaces and to promote sustainable participation in outdoor sports by raising funds to assist general interest initiatives. Created by Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV), ACT for the Outdoors encourages companies in the outdoor sports industry and other key stakeholders worried about the future of our great outdoor playground to donate.

The role of ACT for the Outdoors is to source, select, and monitor the implementation of high-quality projects that donors finance. The projects receiving funding are of general interest, and the donations made are tax deductible in France (up to 60% for companies).

Organized in partnership with Cluster Montagne and the Fond de dotation de la Banque Populaire Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, this program is driven by the outdoor sports and mountain tourism industries.

Learn more about ACT for the Outdoors

Key figures - ACT for the Outdoors

  • €53 in donations collected in 2019
  • 10 non-profit projects received funding since 2018
  • 34 Companies in the outdoor sports industry made donations in 2019

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