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Are you looking for opportunities in foreign markets, sales partners in key countries, data on market size, and information on the international trade shows where you can showcase your brand? For member companies seeking to develop their business internationally, OSV provides import support services that include guidance, market studies, partnerships, and more.

Export markets: 3 key factors to grow your business

Support services provided by OSV facilitate export sales growth for:

  • SME seeking to enter new markets,
  • Companies already established abroad seeking to reinforce their position.

OSV offers member companies to gather strategic information, network, and receive support through:

Access to information

Key data, trends, and opportunities in order to evaluate the growth potential and changes in export markets. Practical information to better understand the outdoor sports market in one or several target countries.

Access to key contacts

A worldwide network to help set up business in other countries and to find the right partners. Experts in France and target countries to better understand how they work and to identify potential sales, marketing, and logistics partners.

Access to opportunities:

We help you to put your ideas in motion, to ensure commercial success, and to set up business in your target country. Through professional trade shows and business development trips, we maximize your brand’s and your company’s visibility by making it easier for you to meet with dealers, distributors, and other key stakeholders, while benefiting from the government subsidies available to reduce the cost of venturing abroad.

Member companies are encouraged to contact OSV’s executive team with any questions related to the specificities of a target country. Take advantage of our advice, experience and network to launch your brand on a new market or to further develop an existing one.


Strategic information to conquer new markets

To help member companies with their international business development strategy, OSV monitors the latest trends and key market data to provide the clearest understanding possible of the markets your company seeks to develop:

01. Market studies: on sales (volume and value), on outdoor sports trends (participation rates, segmentation, new sports), on distribution (by type of product: apparel, hard goods…),

02. Market intelligence: summary analyses of the key trends and data to keep an eye on,

03. Seminars : we invite experts to make presentations on one or several export markets (data, regulations, market structure, cultural specificities, etc.).

Access to an international business network

From the outset, OSV has built strong ties with important foreign markets, the goal being to maintain and grow our network of partners in key countries (or those with considerable potential). These partnerships help us to gather information, better understand the structure and how to do business in a given country, as well as identify potential business partners for you:

01. Trade associations: EOG (Europe), OIA UK (United-Kingdom), IOG (Italy), AFYDAD (Spain), FGO (Germany), OIA (USA)…

02. Economic development institutions: CCI France and Business France in other countries (ex.: CCI France Japan, CCI France China, Business France Japan, Business France South Korea…), or local entities in country (Portland Development Commission, Oregon)…

03. Private companies: JB&B (Japon), ERAI Monde, Salveo, Villafrance, The Mountain Lab (USA)…

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All studies and market watches are on the Doc Center

Providing support at international trade shows

On ISPO Munich et OutDoor By ISPO trade shows

Since 2014, OSV, in partnership with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, makes it easier for small companies and startups to attend international trade shows.

Export markets represent an important part of any company’s growth, even in the outdoor sports industry. The trade show support services offered by OSV allow French companies to exhibit as a group at ISPO Munich and OutDoor by ISPO, two of the world’s largest international trade shows. The services provided by OSV for these two trade shows off you two different options as an exhibitor:

  • At the Camp de Base common booth space,
  • Via an individual booth in a hall more in line with your product universe.

The collective space Camp de Base is the French corner, unifying and friendly. It allows you to enjoy a large space and increased visibility on these international exhibitions while having your own stand.

The goal of OSV’s trade support services is to provide exhibiting companies with international opportunities. For both trade shows, benefits include:

01. Individual assistance, through one key contact at OSV, for all organizational and logistics questions (booth, transport, food, invoicing, etc.).

02. Shared services to prepare for the trade, to gain greater visibility, and to expand your business network.

03. Financial assistance from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region as part of the region’s international development plan (eligibility conditions apply).

Trade Shows in the USA and ASIA

OSV also facilitates access to trade shows in North America (Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, Outdoor Retailer Summer…) and in Asia (ISPO Beijing, Interstyle in Japan,…). In addition to trade shows, OSV organizes business develop trips to specific countries when multiple members (at least 5) show interest. For this service, we always work with a local partner (CCI, Business France, or a private company).

ISPO Munich & OutDoor by ISPO key figures

  • 2349 Exhibitors on ISPO Munich, more than 200,000 m²
  • 80 000 80,000 professional visitors from 120 countries on ISPO Munich 2019
  • 960 Exhibitors on OutDoor by ISPO 2019, more than 85,000 m²

“Really great resulsts for us for our first time exhibiting at ISPO. OSV’s trade show support services made everything so simple and easy: the booth was built and furnished for us. The logistics support provide also made our lives easier and allowed us to concentrate on sales and business development during the show.” Loïc Bouquet, Damart Sport, Camp de Base exhibitor


Chiffres clés du Camp de Base

  • +120 Exhibiting brands since 2014
  • +180 Innovative products showcased
  • +4500 Liters of beer consumed

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