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OSV Action Areas

Creation & development, accelerate your business!

Preparing for the future of the outdoor sports industry

OSV works hard to keep the outdoor industry on the leading edge by encouraging innovation and company creation. With sustainability as one of the cornerstones of the outdoor industry, learn more about the best practices for being ethical and environmentally responsible, as well as how to grow your business in your home and international markets.


Through its vast network of companies in the sports and outdoor sports industry, OSV provides unique support services to entrepreneurs, company creators, and startups. Meetings, partnerships, and shared experiences represent just a few of the key ingredients to ensure a fertile business ecosystem for launching new ventures.


Our role is to boost innovation for companies in the outdoor sports industry, to help them to prepare for the future of our industry. OSV, as cluster, initiates projects that harness the industry’s collective intelligence to cultivate innovation. We organize morning seminars, offer innovation audits, and share our market intelligence publications to spark a new dynamic within your company.


In building awareness among member companies about the latest solutions to create a circular economy, OSV provides the tools for a sustainable approach to growing their business. By participating in actions to preserve the natural environment, you also work towards keeping our outdoor playground intact by making a donation to ACT for the Outdoors.


OSV provides support to member companies to develop export markets through expert advice, studies, international partners, and professional trade shows.