OSV Objectives

Our main strategic objectives were determined by company executives from the board of directors, and continue to evolve based on member needs change:

- To federate, represent, and contribute to growing the outdoor sports industry

- To create an appealing environment to encourage companies to set up business and initiate new projects

- To share purchasing and business services to reduce costs for member companies

- To train future managers end employees in the specifics of our indutry

- To encourage and support innovation and sustainable development

- To promote the outdoor sports industry's know-how

- To contribute to employee well-being

- To encourage participation in sports and promote the region 


OSV's action strategy serves to address the economic development needs of existing companies, as well as to create a fertil ecosystem for new projects to emerge in the outdoor industry.

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Information & networking
- Market intelligence and studies
- Topical meetings
- Economic observatory
- OSV Cocktails & Networking
- Membership extension to EuroSIMA

Cost savings
- Shared purchasing and services
- Reduce company management costs
- Benefits for employees in the industry

Human ressources
- Education programs
- Employment platform
- Employee well-being (Activ'OSV, Team Buildings)

Region & industry promotion
- Brand villages - Camp de Base
- Regional partner events
- Web portal for outdoor sports

International development
- International trade show support
- Export working group

Innovation & sustainable development
- Innovation intelligence & information
- Working groups
- Outdoor Textile Repair Center
- Digital x Outdoor (DxO)
- Design Summer Camp (DSC)

Support for entrepreneurs & new companies
- Base Camp network
- Business incubator
- New business mentoring
- Starupper club

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