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"Outdoor Sports Valley - OSV" designates both a region and industry cluster dedicated to outdoor sports. This region covers the entire Alps and ecompasses the thousands of people who work in the sports and recreation industries, the headquarters of most outdoor industry companies, and represents one of the planet’s most unique playgrounds.

The Outdoor Sports Valley concept, developed in Annecy in 2009, became an official association in 2010, and a certified industry cluster (Grappe d'Entreprises) in 2011 by the French state (DATAR). Annecy, exceptional geographic and strategic location, is the official capital of the Outdoor Sports Valley.

OSV's role is to federate, represent, and contribute to the development of the outdoor sports industry. OSV prioritizes these objectives through four key focus areas:
- economic development,
- human resources,
- promoting the region and participation in outdoor sports,
- sustainable development

For more details on the various actions implemented within these areas of focus, head to the ACTIONS section.

OSV members

OSV has  409 members *. Among them, more than 238 are active members, either manufacturers or distributors of outdoor sports equipment.

50% of active members are based in Haute-Savoie, 75 % in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, and 25 % throughout the rest of France, as well as Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

The active members represent:
- more than 480 brands,
- more than 8000 jobs,
- near 4.8 billion euros in revenues.

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The adjacent pie chart shows the distribution of OSV members by size. Most companies are relatively small (0 to 19 employees - TPE). More than one-quarter are medium-size companies (20 to 249 employees - PME) and 4% are large companies (250 to 4999 employees - ETI).

*Data as of February 11, 2016.
These figures are regularly updated. To view the list of OSV member companies in real time, click here.

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