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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

ISPO Open Innovation connects brands with passionate consumer experts all over the world to test, share, and create ideas for sports products with the goal of gaining valuable consumer insights.

We allow you to involve your customers in the development process and show you how they can become ambassadors for your product innovations. In addition, uncover hidden customer requirements, generate new ideas, and promote innovative products!

From idea generation to testing the final product, ISPO Open Innovation enables cooperation with real consumers and experts from other industries.

To learn more about the ISPO Open Innovation platform, click here.

ISPO Open Innovation also offers brands the opportunity to contact numerous international retailers in order to receive valuable feedback on future products, strategic developments, new segments, and market potential via an online questionnaire.

Our latest project is in collaboration with Salewa, part of Oberalp Group, combines both approaches: expert consumer feedback and retailer opinions worldwide.

As a functional and technical mountaineering brand with a focus on their strong roots and core competencies, Salewa is a world leader in climbing and mountaineering gear, with a presence in more than 30 countries around the globe.

With one important missing link, Salewa is thinking about adding headlamps to their wide range of products. They need information on how mountaineers use headlamps, the key factors in the decision making process to buy a headlamp, and where they normally buy this type of product.

In addition, Salewa would like to ask retailers about the potential they see in the brand launching a new product category and what they in general expect from Salewa’s product range.

Got your interest? Take part.

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