Kicking off the future: Annecy Base Camp & ABC INVITATIONAL

Thursday, March 15, 2018
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One week ago, it was our pleasure to host a 2-day event just for you to inaugurate our new office building.

On Thursday evening, March 8, the official inauguration for the Annecy Base Camp building marked both the culmination and the next phase of an entrepreneurship program launched by OSV and the Greater Annecy Area (Grand Annecy) in 2016.

On Friday, member companies and key partners were invited to spend time at this new hub for the outdoor industry. The day's program, from dawn until dusk, included guided tours of the building, several conferences, and plenty of time to network.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate this important new beginning for OSV and to have made your contribution to not only the event’s success but also to the overall success of the association.

View photos of the event:

>> Photo album <<

This building is now a rallying point for the industry and its partners; the door is always open if you would like to meet with the OSV executive team or with one of the startups in the business incubator.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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