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All companies linked to the outdoor sports industry can become an OSV member, as long as they fit within one of the following categories, and agree to pay the annual dues.

- Active members are represented by manufacturers, distributors, agents, retailers, designers in the outdoor industry, and materials suppliers for the outdoor industry.

- Affiliate members are represented by event organizers, training centers, professional associations, the media, communications agencies, and other service providers for the outdoor industry.

- Sponsoring members are represented by insurance companies, banks, public institutions and NGOs, or other sponsors who work in partnership with companies in the outdoor industry.

Dues in effect for 2018 - 2019

Membership runs from September 1st to August 31st of the current year.

OSV membership for EuroSIMA members is free under certain conditions*.

Active members

Annual dues are based upon revenues in France of the company applying for membership, and provide access to all OSV services.

Less than 500 000 euros in annual revenues : 200 euros

500 000 to 1 million euros in annual revenues: 250 euros

1 to 5 million euros in annual revenues: 350 euros

5 to 10 million euros in annual revenues: 700 euros

10 to 20 million euros in annual revenues: 1250 euros

20 to 50 million euros in annual revenues: 1900 euros

50 to 100 million euros in annual revenues: 3750 euros

>100 million euros in annual revenues: 7300 euros

For companies who join after September, dues will be prorated by quarter. For example, joining in December means a ¼ reduction in annual dues, and joining in June means a ¾ reduction in annual dues; the minimum membership fee remains 200 €, whatever the date when joining.

Affiliate members

Annual dues are 250 Euros and provide access to the OSV business and member network. Otherwise, to obtain access to all OSV services, annual dues are the same as active member dues (based on annual revenues according to the above scale).

Sponsoring members

Annual dues are 1000 Euros minimum and provide access to the OSV business and member network.

*Member companies will now pay their primary membership dues to one of the two associations, based on their core business in either urban/water sports or mountain sports. Free membership extension to the sister association will then be granted based on each member’s situation. Companies granted membership extensions will be required to name an in-house contact person to represent the company within the sister association and to keep up to date on all projects.

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