Through organizing and partnering with events, OSV seeks to growing the industry both locally and internationally, to encourage participation in outdoor sports, and to promote the region.

Promote the industry, the region and participation in outdoor sports through brand villages or common promotional area

> Through brand villages and a common booth space - Camp de Base:
- Maxi-Race du Lac d'Annecy - for more information on the brand villages, click here (in French)
- Corporate Games
- Interlac Trail - for more information on the brand villages, click here (in French)
- High Five Festival (previously IF3 Europe)
- Snowboard Garden Festival

> By supporting professional trade shows:

- Annecy Showroom Avant-Première - ASAP
- Performance Days
- Sportgear Sourcing Day

> By supporting events for the general public:

- La Grande Odyssée
- Red Bull Elements
- Fête de la Montagne et de l'Escalade
- World Snowboard Day

To have a look on the OSV advantages on these events, please log in your OSV member area or contact us:

International development, assisting companies at professional trade shows:

Via the Camp de Base, in partnership with Sporaltec and the Rhône-Alpes Region, OSV provides French companies with support to the major international trade shows, personalized assistance, and a highly focused communications plan:

- ISPO Munich
- Outdoor Friedrichshafen

For more information (in french) on the Camp de Base click here.

Networking and information for the industry

To create synergies, to facilitate networking, recruitment, employee well-being, to encourage common projects, innovation, and establishing best pratices, OSV offers members the opportunity to attend the following events:

- OSV evening seminars
- OSV breakfasts
- Sustainable development, Innovation, and HR committee meetings
- Activ'OSV outdoor activities, After work events
- OSV business networking coktails
- Innovation Think Tank
- Design Summer Camp
- OSV internship forum

Event Calendar

year month 25/05/2019
previous 2019
HIGH FIVE FESTIVAL Friday 04 October - Sunday 06 October
contact For more information, please contact us


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